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New Look:Gathering Of Lightning


We all loved the idea of Gathering Of Lightning, but the PR for it was slightly neglected (mea culpa). Not this time!

On Tuesday, 31st, we’re doing it all over again. Beer, Pizza, and Lightning fast discussions from a range of selected speakers from our own community.

While there will be plenty of time to chat on the day, if you want to ‘book’ a speaking slot, get in touch in any of the dozen or so ways that are available!


Facebook Event

BCS Event

Wiki Page (Not very maintained, feel free to contribute)


In other News

After a long stint as our effective critical infrastructure (wiki, redmine, spaceapi, big red button), the old fsl-eee7 was retired after an uptime of over 100 Days. All major functionality has now been moved to the much higher spec’ed Farbot.

We’ve now got two in-house Raspberry Pis for any members to fiddle with. Ask one of the Directors and they’ll usually know where one of them is!

The Eventspace lighting is being updated, but even in the midst of that we were happy to host the BBCNI Creative Collisions Event, which was, in the words of the organisers, ‘a lot more successful than we had expected’.

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