Project Redecorate starts now!

After two months of, although quirky, irrefutably “office” decor, it’s time for our event space to be restored to the Victorian charm from which it arose! For a while, we’ve been playing with the idea of getting rid of the suspended fibre ceiling in the space and exposing the period pillars and beams, and after a day’s experimentation, it’s decided: we’re going ahead!

What the vision entails is exposing the entirety of the building’s original woodwork and support pillars, and restoring them to their former glory. New architectural lighting, black ceiling beams and renovated cable management are all in the master plan, as well as some lovely aesthetic improvements like stripping the cast iron pillars to the bare metal.

However, we’ll need some assistance.

We currently do not have many sets of ladders which are a crucial part of the project. Limited timescale and funds mean that the ceiling needs to be finished very promptly, so all help possible is appreciated.

We would greatly appreciate anyone who would be willing to help out or lend us some stepladders for the duration of the project; without your help it will be much harder to restore the Old Schoolhouse to its former glory!

If you would like to help out in any way, or would be willing to lend us some equipment, materials, or their time, please get in contact through the usual channels.

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