Open Data Playground

Now that Flacknite is over with, we can have some relaxed hackery.
Open Data is the big buzzword of our day. And with connected health and data visualisation being similar scale buzzwords, we thought it’d be good to have a series of nice relaxed ‘Open Data Playground’ events, where web devs, graphic designers, *QL sorcerers, and Data mining enthusiasts can hang out and play with bits.

No pressure, no ‘sponsors’, no competitions. Just pure unadulterated geekery.

Vital Info

When: 1700 Thursday 24/05/12 to 2100 Thursday 24/05/12
Event Links:

Get involved:

  • Wiki Feel free to add away
  • Redmine Members projects will live under here

Don’t worry if this ‘isn’t your area’ or ‘you don’t know where to start’. There will be other geeks there that will be able to help. Just ask! 😀

So that’s about it! A few guys from TechBritain will be about to check the place out, and while we’ll probably still have a few beers left, but BYO is always appreciated.


UPDATE: This event was a non-starter, so we are restarting it on Thursday the 26th of July, See you then!

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