One Month In

As of today, Farset Labs is one month old.

Farset Labs Opening Night; Directors grinning like idiots

Well, that’s not entirely true; Farset Labs has several ages…

  • 3 weeks since our first big event (SpringUp)
  • 3 weeks and 1 day since we got heating
  • 1 month in the building (officially)
  • 36 days in the building from first ‘preparation’
  • 2 months since first discussions with Weavers Court
  • 3 months since registration with companies house / HMRC
  • 6 months since the property hunt went into full swing (cheers to Eoghan, David, and Conor; a cracking property-survey team)
  • 7 months of operating with the name ‘Farset Labs’
  • 10 months of running hackathon events with QUESTS and QUB Dragonslayers
  • 12 months since founding QUESTS
  • 19 months of regular ‘Pub’ meetings with the local tech community, spawning off some great projects and ideas along the way.
  • 21 months since I came back from America full of energy and optimism
  • 21 months and 19 days since I wrote the first entry on the Belfast Hackerspace Working Group, lying in a hammock at the Pennsylvania Hotel, NY, at TheNextHope

And we’ve done brilliantly. I want to personally thank everyone who has been involved in this effort over all this time and hope that we’ll continue to make this even more awesome than it already is.

Coming up is what looks to become our flagship regular event; FlackNite; an intensive ‘lock-in’ (no, we won’t lock you in) where members, old and new, can come and work on their projects and showcase them to their peers. We’re working to get some ‘VIP’s over, but mum’s the word on that for the time being. Since we’re making this up as we go along, we welcome any and all advice/ideas/insults as to how we’re doing things.

Work progresses on the CCTV and Access Control (RFID) system, and the User Management System (tasty tasty karma) is under-way. Hopefully the directors will be able to stop working at some point and start doing our own projects, but not yet! We’re doing this for you!

So, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your boss, tell your colleagues, tell your lecturer, tell your classmates,

Farset Labs is here to stay.


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