Flacknite Roundup

Flacknite was a great success, despite being stood up by Red Bull and some questionable sleeping patterns!

All in all, we got a lot done, and have learned a lot about how people work independently in these kind of events;

In terms of ‘stuff done’, probably the best show piece was Ryan Grieve‘s Microid game that he wrote for  Mini LD games jam – 19th-20th May 2012, where he restricted himself to 64×18 pixels, causing hours and hours of lost/distracted time for everyone else! Thanks Ryan!

Additionally, we got alot of work done in terms of our RFID access system, even though our planned external reader turned out to be a ‘useless’ standard that no-one has… But our striker is working and we’re waiting on a new reader to open the space up to all. CCTV is up, but not ready yet, pending the arrival of our capture card. Network is done to Stealthii’s satisfaction.

Andrew Luke got a lot of work done on his great website for his comic about coping with Epilepsy, a project part funded by UnLtd.

Steve Wilkin got a iOS client for his CoffeeTracker project built.

Rob Elkin and co were working on a Native iOS management app for MongoDB instances.

We all ate lots of cupcakes, and Dominos pizza, drank Crafty Devil supplied Beer, and devoured Planzai supplied Boojum.

And of course, Noah built trucks. Long may he build trucks! He’s inspired us to ‘acquiring’ a box-o-lego…

Thanks to everyone for making it as awesome as it was. See you next time!

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Cheers for being great hosts.
The Absence website was by Stephen Downey. My FlackNite project was to build on the social capital from that, and extend/clean up my web presence. I should be finished (pleasure) and (business) later this week.
I was a bit RainMan; regrets. Looking forward to examining this link list properly and getting to know yous.

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