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Coming Soon: Bloc54, Flacknite, Electronics, 3D Printer

Just a quick update folks; sorry to disturb

Project Management: 3D Printer

If you want to get more involved in how the day to day operation of Farset Labs goes, including our upcoming fundraising for our 3D printer, swing over to our Redmine to start making your mark, even if it is just reporting ‘bugs’ with our current system.

FlackNite: 1400 19/05/2012

Internal Event: Members (Free), Day pass (£5)

Flack (Farset Labs hACK) night is the first of a regular programme of 24-hour tech-events.

The challenge is simple; finish a technical project in 24 hours, and be able to stand up in front of your peers and show off your work.

Flack offers a platform for the rapid development of projects, as well as a structured and constructive feedback from peers. Throughout the event, there will be regular breaks to talk through progress on projects, offering participants the opportunity to receive regular feedback on their progress, and the ability to change direction early, or add features suggested by peers, if needed.

Projects can be individual or team based, and the ‘show and tell’ part is optional but suggested.

If you’re up for it, start submitting your project ideas (or look for others to join up with) on our Ideascale. If any specialist equipment or components are needed, also add them to the same ‘Flacknite the first’ campaign.

We’re also looking for any talented Graphic Designers to put together a fancy pants logo for FlackNite. Please post any ideas or submissions publically on either the facebook page, or our twitter @FarsetLabs

Bloc54: 1700 22/05/2012

External Event: Free

The Bloc54 Games network are coming back to FL for their May meeting, welcome back guys. They will celebrating the release of couple more games and hopefully hearing more about games development support from InvestNI, but are welcoming visitors/walkins as well.

They will have 3 projectors up and running so be demo-ready!

  • Game Demos including Zombiesaurus Games
  • Unity 3D demo
  • More in event comments

Embedded Workshop: TBC

The Results (hopefully live)

Make of that what you will.

We’ll be collating the results and making a decision as to the makeup and costing of the programme as soon as we get some free time (remember, volunteers with ‘day jobs’!)

If this is the first you’ve heard of this, refer back to our previous post!

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