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Paint It Black: This Weeks Updates

That time when we foolishly handed tins of blackboard paint to some of our more enthusiastic members...

Things move quickly here at Farset Towers ^H^H^H^H^H Labs.

Twenty four hours ago, we had nothing special happening soon and no real ‘pattern’ of events. We hadn’t made any real changes to the space other than the brilliant work that the Weavers Court contractors have done to get the space up to spec.

First big change was the news that SpringUp, an innovative incubation event similar to Y-combinator on speed, had lost its previous venue. In the spirit of community (and PR) we’ve opened up our event space to them (in addition to our existing prize sponsorship of six months membership for the winning team), but as you can see below, the main presentation wall wasn’t exactly in the best condition to present on. But that idea was left on the back burner for a while.

Before (judge for yourselves)

After the inital chat confirming Farset Labs as the SpringUp venue, we received confirmation of hosting this months #BLOC54 Games Development Network Meeting. Later we got word of the 2nd Global StackOverflow Meetup Day, and after a short discussion, decided to host the previously homeless Belfast chapter

Back to the Black, after a short discussion, a few Facebook and Twitter posts, and a quick trip to Homebase, and we started painting the back wall of the eventspace with blackboard paint (we’ve got tonnes left by the way!). This process (over 30 square metres of space that is!) took approximately an hour, and was touch-dry within another hour, ready for a few touch-ups. Then we settled into a mini-Firefly marathon accompanied by some pizza and beer.

After the Blackening

Apart from the painting. Matt Keenan has agreed to take lead on the redevelopment of our internal management system, working with Daniel Reid, Matt Campbell, and a few other nefarious characters. I’ve been working on my current long-standing obsession that is the ‘Big Red Button‘, that little piece of code that currently announces to twitter/IRC that the space is open or closed. I’m building up a Python based server for the SpaceAPI to fully expose the activities of Farset Labs in a standard format. Fun stuff.

Eoghan Murray is ploughing on with the redevelopment of the lounge (pending some technical issues with projectors), and Daniel Reid has been working on the icecast-based entertainment server. Feel free to come down and check these and more projects out!

All work and no play makes Bolster something something.

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