Chalkboard Codes

The final code. Try it - it works!

After the final touches to our massive blackboard were completed in the event space, and after

the initial rush of impulse drawing had subsided, two members jointly decided to have a go at something more interesting. Myself and Daniel Reid used a kindly-donated projector and a packet of white chalk, coupled with a helping of patience to fashion a door-sized QR code right in the middle of the giant blackboard.

Initially, it didn’t work, with the contrast between the thin chalk and deep black surround too low to help our phone camera do its part at decoding. A quick glance at the QR specifications made the modifications easy to conduct; as soon as the lock-on points in the corners were detected by the phone, the code scanned perfectly.

It showed two previously-clueless people the inner workings of the codes, and some plans have been formed for some artistic decals for the event space walls along the lines of the QR codes. The rest of the blackboard is still occupied by the ever-growing mass of colourful scribbles.

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