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It’s the little things that count…

We very much appreciate the donations that we’ve already received – without the community, Farset Labs doesn’t exist, so it’s great to see people supporting us. What we’re seeing however are some pretty big-ticket items, which is great, but we also need the small stuff. Grouped together, the items that are listed below are pretty costly, but individually, they’re very cheap. Donating something from this list is a great way to get involved if you can’t afford to donate something bigger. So, without further ado, here are a list of essential, but not immediately obvious items that we need as a matter of urgency:

  • Mugs and glasses (the plainer the better and matching stuff would be awesome, but we’ll take what we get as long as it isn’t damaged)
  • Plates and bowls (as above)
  • Cutlery
  • Cleaning products (Fairy, bleach, Dettol, cloths)
  • Clean plastic sheeting (for any painting and for workshop use later)
  • Bins (both for paper/office stuff and a kitchen bin)
  • Handwash (not bars of soap)
  • Decent power strips (preferably with individual on/off switches and anti-surge)
  • Desk lamps
  • Hand tools
Items on the list will get crossed out as we get enough of them in, so that we don’t have storage issues. Thanks in advance!

Please use the donation form below if you’re willing to donate: (some browsers have trouble with it so here’s an alternative: link.)