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The All Island Software Network

We are very pleased to announce the generous support of yet another group, the All Island Software Network, a joint partnership between Intertrade Ireland, the Irish Software Association, and Momentum, the Trade Association for IT in Northern Ireland. They supply businesses across the whole island of Ireland with plentiful funding, advice, routes for cross-border relations and training to allow companies to innovate and be competitive in both jurisdictions.

Being representative of a majority of workers in IT in both Northern Ireland and the Republic, The ISA and Momentum respectively provide the AISN with relevant help from industry leaders and feedback from the workforce at large.

The AISN has generously promised to support Farset Labs and its members, and will prove to be an asset for members with ideas for business and entrepreneurship. Together with the other projects that Matt Johnson is involved with, including Digital Circle for tech media & creative enterprise, Farset Labs hopes to create a powerful relationship to help the starved technology sector in Northern Ireland, whilst providing the flexibility of cross-border markets.

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