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Belfast GameCraft is back; Jam season returns.

August 27, 2014 in Events by Glenn

Belfast GameCraft

As the nights close in during October, warm your creative engine with some tasty Game Jam at Farset Labs. Our friends at GameCraft will be returning for a day-long game jam on Saturday 18th October, with a panel of independent game developers judging the winners.

GameCraft is a games jam event to build, bind and encourage the gaming community to make their ideas happen. This latest Belfast date forms part of a chain of GameCraft events starting back in 2012 with 120 people producing more than 35 games at the first event; since then it has been hosted in Belfast, Dublin, London, New York, and at huge national games events like Insomnia.

The jam is based on a secret theme, announced on the Saturday morning.

With that as your starting point, no matter your particular interests or skills, the task of making a game in a single day begins.

Anyone who has been to a game jam before can tell you about the excitement of getting started, and the satisfaction of getting to the end – in between are the half-baked ideas that just about work, the quarter-baked short-cuts that work better than they deserve to, and the ages of concentration to get an animation right because it makes the character “just perfect”. It’s a fun ride, and GameCraft concentrates all of this into one day, so there’s none of the crazy-sleepless-zombie-coding seen at weekend jams.

Come to have fun! Come to share ideas or just compete! Most of all, come and make games!

This is a BYOC event, but Farset can provide external monitors on request.

You can find more information about GameCraft, and register for GameCraft Belfast, on their site. Registration is required to take part.

Farset Labs Members can also take advantage of their free ticketsInformation on how to get your free tickets in our members forum

Belfast GameCraft is sponsored by DemonWare, SixMinute, and Leman Solicitors, and is hosted by Farset Labs

Gathering of Lightning – 28/08/2014

August 17, 2014 in Events by Dylan Wylie

It’s that time again! We’re happy to announce that the next instalment of our popular event series Gathering of Lightning will take place on Thursday 28th August at 6:30pm.

A series of speakers will have a maximum of 7 minutes to give an only-slightly-prepared speech/rant/eulogy on anything they feel strongly about. Audience participation is encouraged and speakers should be aware of foam-projectiles heading their way if they dare go over their time limit.

Past talks have ranged from wearable tech to beer to quantum mechanics to baking and we’re sure this lineup will be just as strange and wonderful. So far we’ve got our old regular, Daniel Porter ranting about something as yet undecided between the new Farset management system, and his Quake-net setup at this years QCon, Owen McEvoy talking about the launch of a brilliant Belfast based ethically sourced foods cooperative, and Sarah McBride from the Create:2014 team talking about their kickstarter-funded conference. On the ‘maybe’ list we have Jenni from Tascomi ranting about parenting technically saavy children and Martin from Gilchrist&Co talking about his Kickstarter Accountisfy, along with the usual walk-in types we know and love!

Oh and if you’re not already convinced, we’ll be serving beer and pizza.


Thinga-me-GIGs: Gathering the Internet of Things Community

July 23, 2014 in Events by benbland

Internet of Things

I can’t wait for the Internet of Things, it’s gonna be epic. Wait, no, it’s already here. But it’s gonna be cooler next year, right?

The connected world has been shifting from bits to atoms for a while and it feels like we’re finally riding over the edge of a kind of Cambrian Explosion of connected tools and systems that could reshape every sector of life. Or maybe not, maybe that’s just starry-eyed confirmation bias. We’ve spoken with a lot of people in the last few months about how to stay on top of the Internet of Things (“IoT”) movement.

We’re trying to figure-out what the right level of discussion and engagement is for Northern Ireland’s part in the revolution. So earlier this month we got a few good people around the benches in the sunshine outside the Labs to move things forward. Below are some disjointed notes following that session. Better to think out loud.
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