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Belfast GameCraft is back; Jam season returns.

August 27, 2014 in Events by Glenn

Belfast GameCraft

As the nights close in during October, warm your creative engine with some tasty Game Jam at Farset Labs. Our friends at GameCraft will be returning for a day-long game jam on Saturday 18th October, with a panel of independent game developers judging the winners.

GameCraft is a games jam event to build, bind and encourage the gaming community to make their ideas happen. This latest Belfast date forms part of a chain of GameCraft events starting back in 2012 with 120 people producing more than 35 games at the first event; since then it has been hosted in Belfast, Dublin, London, New York, and at huge national games events like Insomnia.

The jam is based on a secret theme, announced on the Saturday morning.

With that as your starting point, no matter your particular interests or skills, the task of making a game in a single day begins.

Anyone who has been to a game jam before can tell you about the excitement of getting started, and the satisfaction of getting to the end – in between are the half-baked ideas that just about work, the quarter-baked short-cuts that work better than they deserve to, and the ages of concentration to get an animation right because it makes the character “just perfect”. It’s a fun ride, and GameCraft concentrates all of this into one day, so there’s none of the crazy-sleepless-zombie-coding seen at weekend jams.

Come to have fun! Come to share ideas or just compete! Most of all, come and make games!

This is a BYOC event, but Farset can provide external monitors on request.

You can find more information about GameCraft, and register for GameCraft Belfast, on their site. Registration is required to take part.

Farset Labs Members can also take advantage of their free ticketsInformation on how to get your free tickets in our members forum

Belfast GameCraft is sponsored by DemonWare, SixMinute, and Leman Solicitors, and is hosted by Farset Labs

Election 2014 Ballot

August 20, 2014 in News by David Kane

Our nomination period is up and voting will open shortly (emails will be sent to all current members eligible to vote) and in the meantime, you can peruse your options below, consisting of the nominee name and pitch:

1. Conor Robinson


Well here we are, two and a half years on. In the years since formation, Farset has grown.

We have grown in numbers, in experience, and in maturity.

I’ve been a paying member of Farset since day one, and was a member of QUESTS (The Queen’s Society that worked together to set Farset up) even before that. You can see me in the old photos from the days of our scouting out buildings to rent!

Alongside Farset and QUESTS, I founded the QUB Amateur Radio & Electronics Society, through which I teach amateur radio courses with the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Having just completed an industrial placement year with Andor Technology, I’ve gained invaluable real-life experience in industry.

I feel that the director’s role in Farset is to facilitate the members’ needs. To provide the resources required for members to achieve what they want to achieve.

As such, I intend to keep Farset involved in education schemes and programmes, so that we can have a tangible and measurable impact on our membership and our community. I would like to see Farset expand in the area of electronic hardware design, and would intend to promote that area to the director group, and to the membership at large.

Let’s keep growing.


Conor is an active contributor to the IRL Farset Community, as well as the Discourse, where you can ask him any questions either privately via his profile or in the open by summoning him from the ether with “@Conor”.

2. RON

ReOpen Nominations


Ron does nothing, and means we open up nominations again and lose an active director when Ben leaves next month.

The Directors assert that this election, odd as it is, satisfy the Director Appointment Rules as set up in the Operations Manual and ratified by Town Hall Consent from March this year.

NI Open Data Challenge – What’s Your £5k idea?

August 19, 2014 in News by Andrew Bolster

Want the opportunity to pitch your open-data idea to a panel of ridiculously qualified people, as well as the chance for a £5k prize fund for coming up with and pitching your province-changing idea with no strings attached? Read the rest of this entry →

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